2014 Radko Favs


When I walked in the Attic this morning I could not believe the new look on first floor! Although this posting is about new Christmas items, I have to let you know just how great it all looks!

A new shipment of Christopher Radko arrived just before I did, so I will tell you about my favs.

Day of the dead skulls are back and there are even more fun styles to choose from. My favorite is the creepy bride with black stars on her cheeks. Cheeky huh? The red rose headpiece is a nice very festive look too.

Oh and the new Constitution Claus is to die for. Those of us that hold the constitution of the US near and dear to our heart, must, must, must have this ornament. You can even read the …We the people…so perfect.  Radko does it again.

Ok readers, get excited! The new Radko called Charting a Course is a librarians dream come true. Santa is circulating the globe atop a stack of books and scrolls. So bookish, I love it.

Tubule bubble time is hard to say, but even harder to not want to buy. It’s bubbles are iridescent and Santa and his friend, the rubber duckies are snuggled into the sea of bubbles.

Sandy Claus visited the beach that I have been looking for my whole life. Santa is covered in gold glittering sand! Now that’s a cute Santa.

The Hedgehog family is so darn sweet too? As usual, I am going on and on, but there are a few more things to mention.

The special set that Radko did this year is a good. It has international Santas. The Russian Santa is called from Russia with Love after the James Bond movie (another of my favorites.)

With June weddings around the corner, a Christopher Radko wedding ornament makes a great gift, especially for a second marriage. There is a beautiful clear bell with frosted detailing that is just understated enough to be a classic… Victorian Lace is its name.  We also have a gem that is perfect for a 50th anniversary. Called golden melodies and is a nice size for couples that have lots of decorations already!

Jewel of the Sky is a different looking ornament for Radko too. Just a pretty bird that has nice detailing of colors and rhinestones!

New Santas from Byers Choice are really nice. It has been hard to find nice Santas made in the us lately, so it is nice to see these.  A machines child–looking Santa with black and white checked undercoat is fun.  My fav is the Irish Santa with glittery four-leaf clover fabric coming out of his basket. A sage green Santa holding old world ornaments is a great piece for non- traditional Christmas colors.