Holiday Hues of the Season


Is it time to give your décor a seasonal make-over? Here are a few trends that will get you started for fall and also carry you into the holidays. The must-have is anything with deep rich colors, and the fabric to covet is velvet. Incorporate these elements into your décor with a mahogany candle or a velvet pumpkin. To integrate a little sparkle with your rich colors, add a hint of shiny antique silver. Mercury glass is an elegant but affordable way to get a little shimmer. It is a double-walled blown silvered glass that has a mirrored sheen to it. With a few candles near by, it produces a warm glow. Or for a more antique look, choose chandelier glass instead, which will give you a similar effect.
 These tips will carry you into the holiday season as well, so with just a few new fun pieces you can decorate for two seasons. When it comes time to get your home ready for Christmasfamily trees are always special. Adding a set of ornaments in a rich color such as burgundy will give your favorite tree a new look even with all your favorite family ornaments still hanging in their usual places. Mercury glass again makes a wonderful addition, reflecting your lights and making the whole tree glow. Pull it all together with bows you have made from a richly colored velvet ribbon.
As always when decorating, a small change can give a room a fresh, new look. Allow yourself to be inspired by anything you see.