Painted furniture Recycled and Repurposed


How lucky to own a shop and to include whatever you want to sell
whenever you want to sell it.
That’s not really the way it goes but once in a while it works that way. We love old furniture, vintage, antique, well loved special furniture. In fact our homes and our shop are filled with it. And we love to give old furniture a new life.
So we decided to include a wonderful new line of paints, Maison Blanche. They have beautiful colors, finishes, antique wax, glaze, and varnishes. We also sent Diana down to the Maison Blanche headquarters to learn how to teach all of these techniques. 
And now classes have begun at the Attic.
Our classes will vary, some will be paint techniques others will include a piece to bring home.
Check in from time to time to see what’s available. Come take a class with us.

Today painting furniture is available to everyone. In fact, finding and repainting furniture inexpensively is doable.

First look in your basement, attic or garage for a piece of furniture you haven’t used for a while. Imagine giving it a new life. Okay if you don’t have a piece in your house you can find a yard sale or look on Craigslist or Goodwill. They will have something for you. Start with a small piece to gain confidence.
Then wash it off and paint it a new color. Perhaps a bright red or denim blue. (Denim is one of the hot colors for 2014) The old piece of furniture has a new life and you get to have fun in the meantime. Oh…not to mention how great it’s going to look in your house.

 Photo from May 29, 2013