Santa's Off-Season


People ask us what a Christmas store does in the summer. Of course, we do carry merchandise that is appropriate to the summer season. Alexandria sees a large number of tourists when the weather is hot, and they are happy to see a bunch of red, white, and blue when they come in the door. But meanwhile, Christmas is never far from our minds, and we spend a lot of our time looking out for new holiday products and placing orders so that the shop is full and magical when the season comes around. You’d be surprised how early we need to place orders in order to guarantee we will have our pick of all of people’s favorite lines and designers. Most of all, we love getting people thinking about Christmas all year round. To that end, we celebrate Christmas in July. For us, Christmas is a state of mind, not a date on the calendar. We love it, and we like to pass the cheer on to those around us. The way we see it, holiday festivities should not be limited to just when there is snow on the ground; the warmth and joy of the holidays are never out of season. Besides, seeing Santa in a bathing suit always makes people smile.