Spring has Sprung


Well spring has sprung at the Urban/Christmas Attic! Let’s face it… Hot weather is finally here and it’s about time if you ask me!
With that in mind, we have great things at the Urban Attic that you will want for this new season.
First of all let me tell you about a grand idea a friend of mine shared with me. 
Knowing that I had a pretty rough time with the long winter and frustrations of life in general, my friend showed up one day with a “happy bag” for me. “These are things that make me happy, so I am sharing this with you to help you find your happy again,” she said to me.
The bag had a candle, a cute small book and some hand cream. And it worked, it helped me!  I smiled every time I used the hand cream and lit the candle, and I am working my way through the book of positive thoughts.
It made we want to share this simple idea with you all, so come make a happy bag for someone who needs it . We have lots of great things to put inside. Here are some ideas…

Paddy wax candles in a nice porcelain bowl are one of my favorites and I just saw them featured in a magazine (don’t ask which, I can’t remember!)

Cute books, yup, we have them for all sorts of different personalities.  One I like particularly is called “One Good Deed a Day.” Makes me feel inspired to be a better person.

And hand creame and scents we have a whole new line called “Library of Flowers” from Tokyo Milk that very cool company that makes Dead Sexy perfume.

So have fun cheering up a friend, teacher or neighbor! Til later….